Influencer duties are easy when brands create amazing collab’s. Goorin Bros. have partnered with my family at I.W. Harper whiskey to create a limited edition piece that  speaks to both of their rich histories.  ‘The Harper.’ An American made, wide brim fedora featuring a 4 1/2″ hard pinch crown and blocked from a French blend of merino wool. Finished with a unique whiskey colored grosgrain hatband and custom satin lining adorned with I.W. Harper’s ‘bowing man’ in gold.

As they like to say; “anywhere, anytime, it’s always a pleasure.”

See more details on the collaboration at I.W. Harper x Goorin Bros.

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Photography by 📸 @georgeleedale

Cobble & Hyde: Chelsea Boot

What you know about Cobble & Hyde? Cause I didn’t know $hhh’During the NYC mens trade shows (you know; Liberty Fairs, Capsule, Agenda), my guy Sabir from @mensstylepro sends me a few links to some chelsea boots. They’re apart of collaboration he was working on with Cobble & Hyde, unfamiliar with the brand myself but references from good people go along way in my book, so I check them out. Long story short and to avoid boredom, I’ll get to the point — “It took me less than 5 minutes to sign, buy, and drive their Wimbledon Stone Suede Chelsea Boot right into my closet. By now you all know I’m back creating campaigns for brands but this wasn’t a sponsored situation, some items just request a staring role. Que the lights, follow by the camera’s… call it a “lituation”.

Item: Wimbledon Stone Suede Chelsea Boot by Cobble & Hyde

  • Suede Upper
  • Rubber non-marking studded sole
  • Fully leather lined with padded insole
  • Blake Construction

$250 Purchase here…

Photography by 📸 @simplisticphobia


Next purchase alert!!! If you’re looking to step your video’s up a few lightyears, this is the move. And it work’s with your iPhone. With the Osmo -a 4k, 3-axis stabilized handheld camera- DJI continues its spirit of innovation and imagination. The Osmo single-handedly erases shaky video, leaving only stunning imagery with smooth motion.

$569 Purchase here… dji.com

Pureleaf Tea & Target @HOME

Recently linked up with Pureleaf and Target for their #SaveOnPureleaf campaign. The campaign is to bring awareness to all the tea lovers out there, about ☕️ #Pureleaf.  I’ve had their bottled sweet tea a few times, but this was my first time learning about the loose and bagged options. Considering, hot tea is kind-of my thing 💯… Creating some content to share with you, around how I enjoy my tea—>💡WAS A NO BRAINER!! We set the stage for a typically day at the home office. Emails, Conference Calls, Web Surfing, the works! 🎬 LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION!!! “Hope you ENJOY the campaign, leave a comment below. Would love to here your thoughts!”
Bagged (HOT)
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Black Tea with Vanilla (Bagged, India): This long-leaf Assam black tea is perfectly balanced with Madagascan vanilla beans to create a tea-forward taste with a delectable hint of vanilla. Madagascan vanilla is well-known for its indulgent taste that lingers on your palate with a long, luscious finish.
TASTE: Rich aroma, smooth and indulgent taste
Brand: Pure Leaf Tea
Retailer: #Target
Save 15% on Pure Leaf products with the Target Cartwheel app until Jan.18th 💸
“Sponsored post by Mirum Shopper. All opinions are my own.”

Photography by 📸 @onegshot